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On December 17-18, 2016 Yerevan Hub of Global Shapers Community organized a great event “Made By Me”
 Every year, around 50 Global Shapers from all world regions are selected to contribute to the
Within the second Meet the Leader session of the term 2016/2017, Istanbul Shapers had the honour to
Every year a panel agrees on the most influential young Zimbabweans who have been making local headl
A delegation from the Global Shapers Community Port-au-Prince will be in the South to support the vi
On November 19th, the Joinville hub organized another course on leadership, alongside the Educar Fou
Number of Shapers: 410
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Shape Fashion is an initiative to bring together Global Shapers who are committed to developing
Event Date: 
16 Dec 2016
Global Shapers Hub in Chisinau is officially launching on the 16th of December, 2017.
As the long year comes to a close, the newly formed Global Shapers Community Newark with preparing f