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In preparation to the Habitat III UN Conference which took place in Quito, our hub was part of the f
In light of the Peace Referendum results in Colombia, we organized a dialogue with actors involved i
We just wanted to share the success of the Quito Hub's 2016 projects.
 Yaroslavl  has been selected for Shaping Davos, a conversation that features local soluti
   The Bridgetown Hub of the Global Shapers community has officially launched a recru
Le 24 Novembre 2016, Global Shapers Lomé a eu l’honneur de rencontrer M.
On 12 January  Shaping Davos local event took place in Yaroslavl. The topic of the local e
Second Event – Global Shaper Speaker Series  On January 16th, the Global Shapers Munich hosted
Ukraine has the technological opportunities for implementation of the Four Industrial Revolution!