The Global Shapers hub in Amsterdam has chosen Jan Scheele to be the new Curator of the hub in the u
Last Thursday, Global Shaper Carrie van der Kroon was member of the jury at the Cordaid thesis award
Who are you?My name is Sytze van Stempvoort and I live in Amsterdam When I was younger I grew up bei
Global Shaper Sytze van Sytze van Stempvoort and his startup Peel Pioneers won both the Young I
Who are you? When I am not raving about my love for chai, I work in development at the int
The Amsterdam hub of Global Shapers is proud to announce that ten new members will be joining t
Every month, we're helding an interview with a Global Shaper from the Amsterdam hub.
Originally posted at the website of Dutch Association for the UN (NVVN) “People cannot do
What it takes to move the needle on climate action In 1997, two scenes of the movie “Titanic” w