It’s been one year since the earthquake in Nepal, since the fabric of community, homes, schools, off
Over the last month, we, the Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub, went from being ordinary citizens of Nepa
The Kathmandu Hub is launching a drive to raise support and funds for those affected by the tragic e
Kathmandu, January 14At a well attended panel discussion comprising members of the public and privat
40 cities from all over the world will be connected to Davos to host a global conversation on an iss
Event Date: 
14 Jan 2015
   " Global Shapers: Kathmandu's youth take charge " featured at Friday weekly.
For Nepalese living on the banks of rivers and on the southern plains of the country, monsoon is usu
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30 May 2014
Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub organized Meet the Leader session with Amber Dubey with the Kathmandu S