Annual Meeting of the New Champions: Actions to Call

During June, 26-29 th, I was privileged to be at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions (also called #SummerDavos or The Global Summit on Innovation, Science and Technology), taking place in Dalian, PRC. This year the event had attracted more than 2000 participants from 90 countries, including selected 75 members of the Global Shapers, part of which I am,  23 Social Entrepreneurs and 85 Young Global Leaders worldwide.

Who are participants? Mostly, they are:

  • fast growing enterprises shaping the future of business and society,
  • the next generation of the global leaders from major multinationals, government, media, academia and civil society,

  • technological pioneers from around the world.

Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) is one of the biggest platforms for collaboration, knowledge exchange and the strongest network for innovators, business leader and decision makers that I experienced so far. Talking about the content, three days of strategic sessions, hubs workshops and meetups in between are concentrated on topics that address today's inter-winded global challenges, - economic, political, societal and environmental. Generally, there were 2 - 5 sessions each hour, which went simultaneously, as well as there is a space for effective networking. To be more practical, sessions and meetings explore opportunities and challenges of the #Fourth_Industrial_Revolution "through:

✔️enabling emerging technologies;

✔️preparing for system leadership;

✔️rethinking inclusive growth".

I had this feeling that AMNC is definitely about innovation, technology and science, but it is more about extraordinary people who shape the global agenda, decision makers and people who are literally the global leaders and global DOers. Well yeah, without any doubt - human resource is the strongest tool of the future. #AMNC2017 is also about bringing on the table different achievements and threads worldwide to work on the solutions and trends, where it is possible. That is what makes this event so special. 

Thus, having the AMNC as platform/network/community is important in the same manner as to share the latest inventions, developments and researches, what is done on specialised conferences.

What I personally can bring on a table from the AMNC is that:

1. Technology and people itself are not perfect;

2. We give more and more power to machine, but we don't give more power (as well as we don't create a proper ecosystem) for whose who create the machines;

3. Engineers and social scientist cooperation is an issue to pay attention right now. (Who knows, maybe new jobs and new expertise are coming with such a need);

4. With teaching machines we have more responsibility, we teach them from us, thus more ethic and humanity intercultural education for the creators - is an action plan;

5. Almost all countries and societies are ready for the AI, BUT - security, regulatory/punishment for violators, frameworks, transparency of AI are the open questions;

6. No fear about the technology, we all face tech trends development globally but with the cultural diversity;

7. Don't forget why we have created all of this and for whom.

I am really eager to share this message with my community and to see how Ukraine will face the global trends.

All of you has a chance to make your own conclusions, all events or update from the AMNC you can find via the link.

There are few more things I want to share about the Summer Davos. Despite the life-changing experience and meeting extraordinary people (mostly from the managing) from most powerful companies in China and globally, like Baidu, Didi, WeChat, Linux, IBM, HTC, Bank of China, Allianz, Microsoft, Huawei, Microsoft, KMPG, Deloitte, McKinsey and etc.; Global and well known academic institution, like Yale, Stanford, MIT, business school in Singapore, Hong-Kong, UK and etc.; Media, like National Geographic, Forbes, New York Times, Time Magazine; State Officials, like Ministers from Norway, Sweden, Armenia, Moldova, Prime Minister, Ministers and Mayors from PRC, and etc, my main conclusion is that power of network and power of a global diplomacy is the biggest assets we have and fastest accelerator.

Global Diplomacy. Being selected to participate at the event from #Ukraine and representing WEF Global Shapers Kyiv Hub I felt a huge responsibility to make the world hear about Ukraine as well as to make sure I attend all meetings and sessions I planned before. This was really crucial as this year at the AMNC there were only two of us Ukrainians - me and Evgeniy Utkin, who is a Ukrainian High-Tech Pioneer, Entrepreneur and Facilitator, CEO of KM Core and Kvazar Micro. I was well prepared for all the possible meetings with the data on export, it, tech and agro-industries development, venture capitals market and our main investors, as well as I was eager to share my expertise about Ukrainian business. And you know what - the world knows about Ukraine, as a prosperous, developing and innovative European state but do not know how much potential we have; there is an interest in making business in Ukraine, but there is also a fear of the lack of support from the government. Is not this a good message to share with Ukrainian politicians and state officials?

Global diplomacy works so, we Ukrainians - we have been and we are always are the ambassadors of Ukraine, no matter what company, what ideas we present, there is always a part of Ukraine in us, but there is a strong need for the government to think and work on the image of Ukraine.

Power of Network. Being a Shaper is a privilege. Being at the AMNC 2017 is a privilege. Meeting amazing 74 people (from 44 hubs and 27 countries), as well as 85 Young Global Leaders and 23 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneurs (we call them Schwabi) made me feel convenient, inspired and sure that the state of the world is in the safe hands as well as Ukraine is definitely on the global agenda with a lot of topics and expertises. For fours days we bring hundreds of questions and issues on the table and came with more than a thousand solutions and projects to be done together, now it's time to bring them back home and start implementing. This is a place and a time when all the work is done - power of network with some outcomes made recently and with thousands of them coming in future, in future made for us, by us, with the help of us.

If you are interested in knowing more about the collaboration of Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders and Schwabi you can read this highlights.

For summing up, I will share my call to action:

  • Don’t be afraid to dream,

  • Do when you feel like doing,

  • Power of Network is the most powerful tool invented by a person and is an engine for any development;

  • Use each all chances in your life, even when there is not much hope;

  • We live now and there is no need to wait for “tomorrow”, tomorrow starts today.


    Olha Stoliarchuk, 

    Global Shapers Kyiv Hub