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Challenges of Our Time 2016


‘Challenges of Our Time 2016’ is a pamphlet written by twelve World Economic Forum Global Shapers who have been selected to attend the WEF Annual Meeting 2016. The world is constantly changing and with that comes a set of consistently changing challenges that the global community must adapt to and prepare for. This collection of essays portrays the major challenges faced by communities around the world, as viewed by young leaders, and ways to address them. The issues range from city pollution in Oslo, access to energy in Nairobi, the state of philanthropy in China, the changing world of technology in Palo Alto, and the call for peace in Bogota. Currently, a copy of the pamphlet is available to read by following the below link:

 Click here to access the pamphlet: CHALLENGES OF OUR TIME 2016



The pamphlet set out to achieve the following:

  • Give voice to young leaders. This is an opportunity for Global Shapers who have been selected to attend Davos to share their challenges and influence global leaders through written format. Global Shapers will be able to share the pamphlet and talk about their written work in order to start conversations with interested parties during and after the Annual Meeting.
  • Outline challenges faced by Millennials to Davos participants. This pamphlet captures insights into the range and seriousness of the problems faced by Millennials worldwide. Readers will be able to understand trends and concerns of young people which will help them better engage with the Global Shapers community and the younger generation of leaders in their ongoing work.
  • Add intellectual thinking to the Global Shapers’ contribution to Davos. This pamphlet has been an opportunity for young leaders to think deeply about the major challenges people in their local neighbourhoods, streets, towns, and cities face. For the authors, this was a chance to reflect deeply about their work.


Content from:

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Social Divide | Tel Aviv Hub | Matan Hoffmann

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Youth Disengagement in the Gaza-Protracted Conflict Area | Gaza Hub | Asmaa AbuMezied

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