Chisinau Launch Event

Event Date: 
16 Dec 2016

Global Shapers Hub in Chisinau is officially launching on the 16th of December, 2017. The event will take place at iHUB Chisinau, a co-working space and community for young entrepreneurs. The launch will follow a keynotes on Moldova's current state on;

1. Digital Economy and Society

2. Education, Gender and Work

3. Economic Growth and Social Inclusion

During the keynotes, speakers will highlights datas and achievements in the three topics, what initiatives are working to inprove the current state. As a result of the keynotes, a group exercise will be organised led by speakers of the three topics. Each group will identify current challenges that are affecting the progress of Moldova in: 1) Digital Economy and Society; 2) Education, Gender and Work 3) Economic Growth and Social Inclusion. Opportunities for the three topic agenda will be indentified as well.

Our keynote speakers are from eGovernment Center, National Bureau of Statistics and Expert Grup. Participants are invited from various sectors addressing the three topics. For more information about the event, visit out Launch Event Page