Expanding sexual and reproductive health rights for young people across Asia and Africa; Global Shaper Tasneem Kakal is making it happen!

Who are you?


When I am not raving about my love for chai, I work in development at the intersection of academia, practice and policy. Call me a passionate advocate or a feminist killoy, either description works!


What should we know from you we can't find on the internet?


I had a brief tryst with poetry (mainly performance poetry) and now that this is out there, I should really start writing some more! 

What exciting project are you working on now? 

Currently, I am working on advising two multi-country programmes which aim to expand the sexual and reproductive health rights of young people across Asia and Africa. My role is to advise clients- in this case- NGO consortia on what opportunities and challenges exist in the community of interest for interventions. I do this by conducting research and building capacity of/with young people on topics such as contraception access, teenage pregnancy, child marriage and FGM.


What has driven you, working on this project?

Having grown up in in Mumbai as a young woman, you quickly internalize harmful patriarchal norms and values.  You find yourself constantly negotiating access to spaces, both physical and intellectual. My vision to expand this space for young women and girls (alongside the solidarity of men), motivates me to fearlessly work on this issue.


Why did you join the Global Shapers hub in Amsterdam?

When I moved to Amsterdam, I wanted to root myself amongst different types of change-makers who would push me to challenge ideas that we often take for granted. The Amsterdam hub gives me that very opportunity to do this in a meaningful way and help contribute to societies locally and globally. I am excited to be part of such an inspiring set of people and look forward to being an active hub member! 


What can we expect from you in the upcoming 2 years?

As a new shaper, I wish to dive deeper into the different projects of the Globalshaper community in the next two years. I want to shape my role in a way that I can actively support existing ideas within the Hub and facilitate ideas into action. Given the diversity across sectors amongst the hub members, it would be exciting to start a project that is cross-sectoral in nature.