Five Jeddah Shapers attend Shape MENA 2015

Event Date: 
23 to 24 Oct 2015

On October 23-24, the Dubai Hub hosted Shape MENA 2015, which had the theme of “Driving Change through innovation: Unleashing the MENA Potential”.

The objectives of the event were:

  • Provide a platform for exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences on the role of innovation in driving growth and development on different levels; Convenve regional young brains to think and innovate, and - potentinally - produce some position papers to influence stakeholders
  • Address the pressing challenges that the MENA region is facing and ways to overcome those challenges through introducing new innovative concepts and trends
  • Identify future opportunities for the MENA region in the different sectors covered by the summit’s sessions and propose realistic and workable solutions
  • To undertake local community projects, test the new ideas and “give back” to shapers’ cities.

Five Jeddah Shapers, Lujain Alobaid, Mohamed Tomalieh, Nabil Najjar, Mohamed Sobh and Mounir Kabbara participated.