Give smile, give hope


"Childhood is like a mirror, which reflects in afterlife the images first presented to it. The first thing continues forever with the child. The first joy, the first sorrow, the first success, the first failure, the first achievement". Thus Happy Childhood creates path for happy future, and all the children deserve to have Happy Childhood.

The Global Shapers Yerevan Hub initiated "Give Smile, give hope" project to make the day of 25 kids from orphanages special and teach them how to use their talent to progress.

On December 12, 13 Global Shapers Yerevan Hub in cooperation with Mothercare kids clothing store and Play City entertainment center organized "Give Smile, Give Hope" event for 25 kids from Gavar and Gyumri orphanages. 

The kids were first introduced to the organizational structure of the company, then with the help of the professionals from Mothercare did the merchandising and pricing of their works,  and also learned how to approach the clients and sell their works.  They presented their works to the clients at Mothercare store with enthusiasm and raised 148,000 AMD on the first day of the event and 176,000 AMD on the second day. The clients were surprised by the love and care the kids put into their works and bought some of them as a present to their family members and friends. All the money raised during the event will be used to buy materials for the future works of the kids.

These talented kids also had special dance performance prepared for the organizers, which afterall grew into a big celebration with staff and clients. The kids received presents from Mothercare and went to the Play City entertainment center to have fun and celebrate their first successful business deal.

The initiative will be continued and kids from these and other orphanages will have a chance to see how the business world looks like and how they can earn their living in the future with the help of the talent they have. The positive feedback we received about the events once more show that people should no longer just bring food and clothes to the orphanages, but rather try to reveal the talent of kids, build self-confidence, help them realize their dream, and have a prosperous  life.