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Global Shapers Community Annual Report 2014-2015

The Global Shapers Community is touching more lives across the world than anyone imagined when it was launched in 2011. This Community is also shaping agendas in both the private sector and the public sector at a growing pace. Such impact and such direct engagement with citizens everywhere is proof of trust which must in turn be rewarded with accountability and transparency. And so we are pleased to share the first Annual Report of the Global Shapers Community.


Annual Report 2014-2015 links

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We would like to thank all stakeholders for their engagement across the world. It is impossible to thank the World Economic Forum enough as the Forum’s commitment to the Global Shapers Community supports our mission in every way possible. Special thanks also to our Community Partners who work closely with us to create value for everyone in a way that supports the sustainability of the Community.

Finally, we would especially like to thank Global Shapers whose commitment and action inspires everyone to greater heights.

We hope that you enjoy the Annual Report. Thank you for your interest and let us keep shaping!


Yemi Babington-Ashaye

Head, Global Shapers Community