Iberian Shapers Gathering

Event Date: 
23 to 25 Mar 2017

The Barcelona hub is organising a gathering for the hubs of the area on the Mediterranean coast, in order to look into some of the hottest topics chosen by the shapers themselves. The summit between the hubs of Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Lisbon is intended to develop the project lines for the coming year as well as to bring the Iberian Shapers closer to each other, foment the cooperation between the hubs and the constant exchange of experience. The event also counts with the support of the YGLs who will bring their expertise and guard the high standards and values of the WEF.


The work sessions will take place in the heart of Barcelona’s innovation and entrepreneurship, Pier 01 - Numa space, also offering an opportunity to discover the city full of hidden and fun places only known to the locals.


This gathering aims to become a yearly itinerant event. We hope to start a dear tradition of work practice and human connection.