Jeddah Hub participates in Blood4All, a global blood donation campaign

Event Date: 
05 to 11 Dec 2016

Blood for all or “Hashtag Blood4all” is a global initiative with the goal of holding multiple simultaneous blood drives in an effort to ignite a campaign to normalize and promote regular blood donations in communities around the world. The Jeddah Hub participated in the global #blood4all campaign during the week beginning 5 December 2016. The campaign aimed at raising awareness on blood donation and running blood donation drives around the globe. This campaign was conducted by over 30 Hubs, in five continents. The Jeddah Hub firstly raised awareness through providing educational material, regarding blood donation and factor which make an individual eligible to donate. This includes age, weight and general health requirements of donors.Aside from the educational material, various opportunities to donate blood in Jeddah were highlighted. These include two blood donation drives organized by two local universities, namely King Abdulaziz University and Dar Al Hekma University. Alternative blood donation opportunities were also highlighted, including a year round online portal which connects blood donors with individuals in need for blood donation.