Khethi Shape Africa Update

Khethi Shape Africa Update


From the 6-8 October 2016, own of the Johannesburg Hub’s very own Khethi Ngwenya represented at the Hub at the three-day meeting in Mauritius. This year’s meeting was titled “Unlocking Africa’s Greatest Assets” and focused on the interaction between Africa’s two key assets: its immense natural capital, and its human capital. The conference was attended by over 100 Shapers -both within and outside Africa and included notable guest speakers such as the President of Mauritius, Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim; Young Global Leader Alumni Acha Leke and founder of the African Leadership Academy Fred Swaniker.


After the three days of panels, speakers and community service events Khethi says he was revived with a new hope that now is the time for Africa and for us as Africans to make history together. Beyond the vision for Africa alone, Khethi also felt that there was an opportunity for the Global Shapers to play a role in making that vision of Africa a reality by focusing on projects and activities that align with the imminent needs of the continent such as climate change, urbanization and preparing for the explosion in youth unemployment as 50% of Africans move to city living in the next 14 years.


Between the serious work of Shaping the future narrative of our continent and strategizing how to improve the Johannesburg Hub, Khethi also managed to take advantage of the picturesque setting of Mauritius to bond and learn from other Shapers. Through this bonding, he felt like his admiration for the group of young individuals that share the title of Global Shaper has grown after experiencing and seeing how generous other Shapers are with their ideas and time to help within the WEF community as well as within their own.


As we grow our recruiting drive to reach 20 members by early 2017, Khethi’s final sentiments were for the Johannesburg hub along with all other Hubs to focus on the values of their new Shapers and ensuring they uphold the ethos and spirit of the Johannesburg hub. He recommends that more shapers take advantage of the opportunities to attend meetings like Shape Africa and looks forward to the meetings held in 2017.