“Ahlan wa Sahlan” (welcome in arabic) to the Entrepreneurship Powerhouse of the MENA Region. The Amman Hub’s main activities and projects revolve around Entrepreneurship and self realization.


One of our very first Hub Projects “Mishwar” started as an idea by one of our shapers that was supported by another then attracted the attention and support of two more of us. Today, “Mishwar” is a registered NGO that is supported by many organizations from the private sector as well as the Royal Court of Jordan. We are currently lining up funds to sustain it for at least the three initial years to execute a national awareness campaign about the importance of entrepreneurship and self determination to raise our labor force's productivity, and support economic development and job creation efforts in the Kingdom.


The Amman Hub is slowly being recognized as a main stakeholder in national dialogues about entrepreneurship, SME policies, strategy forums, and even invited to participate in formulating solutions to support democratization efforts with youth across the kingdom. 


We are also very proud to host the first Shape event in the MENA Region under the theme of Entrepreneurship. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the hub is reflected in the agenda of the event and we hope to meet as many shapers as we can at the Dead Sea area in May.


We are now at 13 wonderful and diverse individuals and are actively seeking new shapers. Our thorough screening and selection processes ensure only the highest quality of candidates join the hub. Moreover, with its current structure, the Amman Hub is more of a fraternity than anything else. We make sure to meet every two weeks and so all Shapers have become close friends whereby we share our professional & personal experiences comfortably. This allows us to fully utilize our personal networks to launch and grow our initiatives. We are a tight unit!


However even though we are a very stress-free & friendly Hub, we are very serious and committed when it comes to improving our community. It is taking us a lot of hard work and persistence to prepare for Shape and get “Mishwar” rolling. We learned a lot along the way and it took us a year to get both these idea from concept to reality. We still have a long way to go to demonstrate our ideas and start seeing tangible results and actual impact, but the important point that needs to be emphasized is that doing good and changing the status quo is never a simple or easy process.


Having a network of friends to help you out is the secret to our success.