Meet New Shapers of Yerevan Hub: we are perfectionists, dreamers, doers and change makers.

A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle

Global Shapers Yerevan Hub is glad to announce that 4 new members have joined our team of perfectionists, dreamers, doers and change makers.

These are 4 extraordinary individuals, who are leaders in their fields, who have different expertise but share common values and are committed to shaping a better world.  

Anna holds Master’s degree in European Political Economy from Trier University, currently working for Microsoft Armenia as a Project Manager. She genuinely believes that youth is the power that is capable of changing the world. Her favorite quote is from Former Estonian Prime Minister MaartLaar: "When I first became Prime Minister I was 32, I was young and crazy, so I didn't know what is possible and what's not, so I did impossible things."

Oscar is a global nomad, specialized in environmental science, who has traveled and worked around the world on a wide range of large and small scale environmental projects. He ended up in Armenia in 2014 through Armenian Volunteer Corps and currently works as a Project Manager and Expert Advisor at the Acopian Centre for the Environment at the American University of Armenia. Oscar strongly believes in the need for humanity to rediscover its connection to nature and has dedicated his career to accelerating the shift towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Tatevik is an Armenian/American who has been living between Boston and Yerevan for most of her life. After graduating with Applied Legal Studies and International Relations degrees in 2014 from Suffolk University in Boston, MA she made a decision to move to Yerevan. Having lived in Yerevan for a year now, she has learned many things about herself, her homeland and culture. As cliché as it is, she wishes to be the change she wants to see in her country. Besides her official work, Tatevik loves to volunteer and travel. Traveling and experiencing different cultures teaches us how to live.

Arpine is a marketing professional with more than 6 years of experience. She has MBA from American University of Armenia and currently works as a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant, with previous experience in IT, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Arpine believes that education is the key in creating well-functioning economy and society and she is passionate about helping kids to gain access to education and support them in finding their passion in profession.