Port of Spain

Port of Spain Hub Annual Report

The Port of Spain Hub is proud to share our first Annual Report highlighting our milestones over the last 14 months, certainly our strongest period since fouding in 2013!

It was a busy year making an impact via:

1. We got Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) in the top 10 global response nations and officially accredited as an World Economic Forum Annual Survey partner; one of only 3 other territories within the North America & Caribbean region to be awarded this honour!

2. Ensured participation of T&T in the collage to be presented at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 to showcase that global citizens support sustainable development goals that support healthy Oceans.

3. Launched T&T’s first Global Dignity Day celebration, aimed at empowering at-risk youth - by facilitating activities including dignity-based themes of identity, courage, and bullying at a local school.

4. Partnered with Fondes Amandes Comunity Reforestation Group to lobby for government support for the need for a “national fire working committee” following the avoidable deaths of 3 citizens from forest fires. 

5. Partnered with local conservation group, IAMovement, to host a national Climate Change Eco-Village & March, to show local support for the Paris Climate Change talks in November 2015.

6. Established a formal recruitment process that for the first time in the group’s 3 year history was open to the public.

7. Brought the group’s statutory filing to be compliant with the local Companies Act legislation.

8. Regularised Hub members expectations, and defined clear membership expectations. 

9. Opened a hub bank account and the beginning of a permanent fund to support the hub, and implemented internal controls to ensure strong governance for these funds.

10. Hosted our inaugural Hub retreat, aimed at fostering team building and comraderie and strategising our outlook.

In between these projects and activities, we made sure to attend quite a few international Global Shapers events. Do check out a summary of our activities in the attached file prepared by Outgoing Curator, Annissa Osman, and be sure to keep up with our latest happenings on social media:


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