Sending post to grandma's - Global Shaper Wilbert van de Kamp talks about his startup

Every month, we're helding an interview with a Global Shaper from the Amsterdam hub. This month: Wilbert van de Kamp! Who are you?

I (28) am the founder and CEOmapost (pun intended) of Omapost, an app that allows you to send real postcards to your loved ones, straight from your smartphone. Besides Omapost, I have founded a clothing brand - Appelkruimel&Fris -, I host talkshows, mostly about food and sustainability and I live in an old in Leens. The house is called Oosterhouw and is situated in the Northwest of the province of Groningen. I have artists in residence there, but basically, people can organise whatever the heck they want at Oosterhouw. 

 What should we know from you we can't find on the internet?

I play guitar and for years, I played in a cover band. Without success, but we had lots of fun. I am not very good at playing music, but that was not really an issue, since I was mostly there to party with the crowd. 

 What exciting project are you working on now? 

 Omapost started out as an app to send real postcards to your grandma of something you would normally post online. Currently, we are trying to enlarge our mission: we want to reach grandpa's, lonely people and maybe even people that do not know each other yet. Sending and receiving a postcard is a real conversation starter, and that works when you "adopt" a grandma or a grandpa as well. By doing this, I hope to make people less lonely, but also close the gap between young and old as well. 

 What has driven you, starting this project?

Closing this gap is very important, since the division between young and old has screwed up the future for a lot of young people in Great Britain and quite possibly also in the USA. Connecting people who normally do not connect - I believe - can be a game changer. 

  Why did you join the Global Shapers hub in Amsterdam?

I know people in the creative sector and working together with them is so valuable, but if you want to build something lasting, big and impactful, it is really useful to let people from other fields help you: corporates, people who work at governments, and so on. I do not believe in "big is better" or "small is nicer", I do believe that they can help accelerating each other. Stepping out of my bubble has already helped me lots: new ideas, new contacts and new friends. 

 What can we expect from you in the upcoming 2 years?

To be honest: I think that in 2 years, I will be starting something new. I am good at building something, but after a few years, I cannot proceed building it. Other people need to come in and sustain the business, although I think I might still have a role in it. What I will be doing most of my time then? I really do not know. I have never planned further ahead than a few months.