Shape sustainability locally to bring change globally

SHAPE Sustainability was launched by the Global Shapers Community to promote the Sustainable Development Goals on regional bases raising the awareness and importance of the Goals within local communities.

Global Shapers Yerevan Hub joins the efforts with the Community for bringing the Global Goals to our community.

GS Yerevan in partnership with the UN Armenia, Aurora Baréalisse Marketing & Branding, PINK Armenia NGO, Armenian Progressive Youth NGO initiated "It's Hard for One, but Possible Together" campaign ( which is a series of initiative to spread awareness about the SGDs and bring Sustainability to the general public.

The campaign will be launched through the Sustainable Sunday event during which a 2x3m wall will be installed in the largest mall in Yerevan. The visitors will be invited to complete the wall mosaic of 17 Goals image, comprised of 5cmx5cm size 1,800 pieces. On one side of the image QR code will also be incorporated which will link to the intro-video. Also on-site quizzes and information sharing events will be organized during the day.

Starting from Sustainable Sunday during a 10-day period people are invited to join the initiative to complete a wall installation, also online and in-sight competitions and quizzes on SGDs will be implemented to scale up the awareness and make the learning process more fun. GS Yerevan also initiated Sustainability photo contest the winners of which will be announce by the end of the campaign. 

Series of such events will be implemented in several large cities of Armenia thus insuring that more general public will be able to get involved in bringing Sustainability to life. 


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