Shape Europe 2015 - Shaping locally by challenging Globally

Very often people approach me asking what is that Global Shapers, what are you people doing there, is there any benefit, are you really doing that just committing as volunteer, what is your personal interest in that? And each time I get confused how can people come up with such questions that have simple and obvious answers. And each time I come up with the same answer “the Global Shapers is a COMMUNITY of likeminded young individuals, committed to shaping a better future locally, by joining efforts globally, and we commit to the COMMUNITY because this is all about "Sharing is Caring". 

On October 1-4 the Shape Europe took place in wonderful city of Vilnius hosted by the Vilnius Hub, which was really an amazing experience how acting locally brings to tackling global challenges. More than 100 young leaders from over 20 Hubs from Europe and the rest of the world came together to represent their Hubs and countries, share experience, brainstorm and exchange ideas, to network and bring positive impact “GLocally”. And we are proud that Armenia was presented by the Shapers of the Yerevan Hub.

During these 4 days we shared local success stories and challenges, set together to invent new, global solutions. Also the most amazing thing was meeting and discussing our challenges and our ideas with high level speakers, experts of different fields and the Community, getting mentorship and inspiration.

During the sessions and panel discussions, group works and individual contribution the Community came up with new and fresh project ideas from “Refugee Crisis” to “Education” and “Social Entrepreneurship”, found ways of improving and scaling current Hub projects, which will lead to synergy through the Glob.

And YES, one more important thing – Shape Europe was also about shaping fun together, sharing culture and entertainment. And for 4 days we had the opportunity to explore the beautiful Vilnius, the Lithuanian culture and heritage as well as share our own. As our inspirational motivator Yemi - Head of Global Shapers Community - likes to state "I dance when the Strategy is in place"

Huge gratitude goes to our great Global Shapers Community for finding and gathering us under one motto throughout the World and to Vilnius Hub making Shape Europe really an epic experience.

Now I know I and my country have 100 more friends in the world sharing same spirit, values and commitment, as well as 100 more extraordinary people in the world have Armenia as a friend and this is how we define the COMMUNITY.

And as great Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the World”


With warm gratitude from Yerevan Hub,

Armenuhi Arakelyan

Yerevan Hub Curator