Shaping Davos 2017

Ukraine has the technological opportunities for implementation of the Four Industrial Revolution! It was said this Sunday, January 15, 2017 on the broadcast of Hromadske tv during a discussion on "The Fourth Industrial Revolution: challenges and opportunities for Ukraine," by the representatives of the World Economic Forum community - Global Shapers - Olena Tregub, Anton Shulyk and Young Global Leader - Andryi Kolodyuk. The discussion was initiated by the Global Shapers Kyiv Hub in partnership with and was conducted in the framework of Shaping Davos during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.


During the discussion all participants have noted that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is linked to the development of technological cooperation, attraction of investments, including venture capital, as well as human capital, through which it becomes possible. Experts highlighted that Ukraine has it all, and therefore Ukraine has all the preconditions to start working towards a new era of technology - Fourth Industrial Revolution.


According to Andryi Kolodyuk, our country may offer the world its capabilities, including to build the technology development centers. As it was mentioned by Mr. Kolodyuk, in Ukraine there are companies that create the added value, technologies that are changing the world. These technology companies are successful and competitive also abroad.

The situation that exists today in our country shows that a private initiative drives IT industry in Ukraine. However, the state should promote the development of IT, because we are highly educated people who are able to develop this area.


Anton Shulyk said that Ukrainian business often does not understand why it need to develop innovations, and in meantime there is a gap in combining the IT area and industry and the certain inactivity of the society.


Herewith Olena Tregub has pointed that Ukrainian business should have confidence in its future for wishing to grow, to be competitive and introduce new technologies, while the state should create all necessary conditions for that. Business need to take care not only about the current tasks, but also about the strategic tasks and investments. Examples of success stories of the Ukrainian business can be a motivator for Ukrainian businessmen to think strategically, to look at more than 20 years in advance.


It is worth mentioning that the IT business is not separately existing industry, in fact any sphere today is related to technologies and their development. Besides, in Ukraine there are examples of successful business projects that are at the intersection of the several fields, such as medicine, agribusiness, services and more.


Capital intensity and high performance - that is what distinguishes the Four Industrial Revolution. However, the issue of attracting investment - critical for the transition to a new stage of the industry work, said the panelists.

Special attention was also paid to the problem of technological unemployment as a consequence of the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In summary, the participants said that Ukraine should become a center of innovation and technology business world.