Ukraine Discovery Tour 3.0

Event Date: 
11 May 2017

3nd Ukraine Discovery Tour to take place early May’17

Kyiv Hub to host 3nd Ukraine Discovery Tour

Global Shapers Kyiv Hub prepares a special event - Ukraine Discovery Tour (UDT) 3.0. This year, the tour will take place May 11-14 and will feature multiple «discovery» elements: from meeting Ukraine’s business and civil society leaders to attending Europe’s biggest song contest - the 62nd Eurovision.

The idea behind UDT is simple: to open up Ukraine to the progressive community of Global Shapers and Young Global Leaders from every corner of our planet. The tour aims not just at giving a terse overview of Ukraine, but also at providing an insightful perspective and formation of a clear image of an emerging, dynamic and multicultural Eastern European state.

To reach this goal, the discovery tour will embrace a number of activities: meetings with business and civil society leaders, successful entrepreneurs, influential media-makers, individuals who have made significant impact on present-day Ukraine and the world. With slightly over 60 days before event’s kick-off, the organizing team is working to ensure that all scheduled meetings are tailored to best suit attendees’ profiles and wishes.

Additionally, within Ukraine Discovery Tour there will be a chance to witness one of Europe’s largest cultural events - Eurovision Song Contest. This year, it will take place in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and will draw thousands of visitors from all over Europe and beyond. The contest is organized under umbrella topic «Celebrate Diversity».

"By organizing the Ukraine Discovery Tour, we, the organizing team, want to highlight that Ukraine is open for discoveries, for investments, for cultural and civil society exchanges, for potential international partnerships and friendships. We want to show that Ukraine is open for You!" reflects Olha Stoliarchuk, event’s head organizer.

Previous Ukraine Discovery Tour took place in June 2016 and welcomed 16 participants from all over Europe: from Ireland to Cyprus.

For further information about Ukraine Discovery Tour and Global Shapers Kyiv Hub, please contact Olha Stoliarchuk at 


Ukraine Discovery Tour is not an official part of the World Economic Forum Program. It is a private initiative of the Global Shapers Kyiv Hub, Young Global Leaders and in partnership with the UVCA.

Kyiv, March 9, 2017.  Prepared by Alex Guzenko.