Wanted: Overdose of Responsible Climate Leadership. An essay by Global Shaper Paulette

What it takes to move the needle on climate action


In 1997, two scenes of the movie “Titanic” were carved in my memory (no, not the romantic encounters between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet). It was the scene in which the captain orders his orchestra to keep playing while his ship sinks, and the moment that a fancily-dressed woman in line for the (far too few) life boats asks, “Will we be seated according to class? I hope they are not too crowded!”


Watching these scenes as a privileged eleven-year-old girl in The Netherlands was probably my first confrontation with failed leadership (of the captain) and social inequality (between the passengers). Later I would learn that for millions of people, these notions are a part of daily life rather than fiction.


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