'Amwalona' Financial Planning Model

The Jeddah Hub launched a nationwide financial planning project as part of the 'Amwalona' project in December 2016, which reached over 18,000 individuals in eight countries to date. In order to enable individuals to begin planning their finances, a financial planning model was created and provided free of charge to the public. This model included various educational materials, in addition to a financial plan which allows an individual to financially plan till the year 2020. The project was a success, with over 18,000 households downloading the financial plan since its launch. Individuals downloading the model were not limited to Saudi, but extended to regional and international countries such as the UAE, Oman, Egypt, UK, US and Canada. Over 20 social media influencers in Saudi endorsed the project on various social media platforms. Moreover, three local universities supported the program and offered partnership opportunities to scale the program further. The project was covered by local press and the article may be accessed through the following link.The team which launched this project includes two Global Shapers, Mohamed Tomalieh and Mohamad Sobh, in addition to two finance professionals, Hashim Nowailaty and Hani Alfakeeh. The project was launched under the name of "Amwalona" (أموالنا) which translates to 'our money'. This project is the second initiative of the "Amwalona" financial literacy program, which was launched by the Jeddah Hub in 2015. The first initiative relating to raising awareness on investment is still active, with five workshops conducted to date at local universities in Jeddah.

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