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Cooking for a Public Retirement Home

Cooking for a Public Retirement Home 

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iNFj25RM6E&feature=youtu.be


Senior citizens are very important to our society. They’re a source of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. If given the opportunity, they have a lot to teach us. They offer a great deal of satisfaction and joy when around them.


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Invited by fellow Shaper Martín Yeza, the Mayor of Pinamar city, the Global Shapers from the Buenos Aires Hub visited a public retirement home. We got to spend a fantastic time together with some Senior Citizens from the city, hearing their stories and learning from their life experiences. We then cooked together a delicious local dish call “empanadas”.


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Seniors are fun companions! It was an enriching experience where we learned about humility and self respect. Watch this short Video to learn more about it!


Cheers from Buenos Aires

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