eBook-Keeping for MSMEs

Digitization had since transformed the way business transactions are documented. The digital revolution of book-keeping created a new genre of Book-keepers and Cashiers for the labour market: those with the ability to use computer technologies to improve their work processes and productivity. The demand for this genre of skilled labour has been on the increase, suggesting the knowledge and skills required for labour-market integration of new Book-keepers, Cashiers and Accountants today as well as persons planning to start a business and Managers of existing businesses.

Book-keeping with Microsoft Excel is one of the key and basic approach to digitized, or electronic book-keeping. But the advanced knowledge of MS Excel functions and their application in ebook-keeping are lacking especially among new entrants to the labour-market, about 80% of which are trained or currently undergoing training in relevant financial disciplines. A review of Nigerian universities’ prospectuses revealed no digital technology-integrated learning course activities besides an isolated computer course. This is thought in part, to be the cause of knowledge and skills gap in ebook-keeping (among prospective and fresh Nigerian graduates and entrepreneurs) which the Global Shapers Community Calabar sought to fill through training and advocacy. The training had in attendance, seventy (70) Entrepreneurs in the Fashion Industry in Calabar.