Greenzie - Earth Day Celebration


Greenzie, a local initiative from The Global Shapers Community – Jeddah hub in collaboration with Naqaa Sustainability Solutions, organized an event to commemorate Earth Day in April 22. The event was held at Amira Park - a public park for women and children located in south Jeddah and managed by Friends of Jeddah Parks organization.

Greenzie is an initiative founded by Eshraq Al-Haddad who aims to both inform and challenge as well as to develop understanding of the environment and the way in which human society interacts with it. The event was a joint project with Naqaa as a community service for the purpose of educating and spreading awareness about environmental protection, climate change, and healthy clean environment. 

Several green activities tracks were taking place for the children and their families. The children enjoyed coloring a large ‘Earth Day’ banner, and planted 150 flowers using recycled water bottles and glass jars. Hand-in-hand campaign initiative by ENTEC Company was invited to participate in the event, and they organized physical activities and games for the children, to gain knowledge about waste segregation. 

Moreove, a group of senior students majoring in Architecture from Dar Al-Hekma University volunteered in designing and implementing vertical green garden at the park using recycled materials. Even though the event had more than 200+ kids and families visiting the park, it was successful in creating a fun and enjoyable experience while maintaining less-waste. 

Sustainability and Environment