18.07.17 to 30.09.17
Ho International School Premises, Adase Street, Alaye Road, Mawuli Street

The Ho Community is endowed with young people engaged in start-ups and contributing to helping impact lives in diverse ways. There is a great need to create an innovative environment to harness the energies of this rising generation of amazing entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship drives economic change and innovation while at the same time expanding opportunity and unleashing the initiative of citizens. Entrepreneurs are crucial to building prosperous societies that deliver opportunity to all. In emerging economies around the world, interest in entrepreneurship is currently higher than ever amid burgeoning youth populations and a desire to move up value chains. Fostering entrepreneurship has become a core component of economic development.


The Global Shapers Ho Hub in partnership with LIFE-MAC Network Foundation & Ho Node is embarking on a search for the "Best of Ho". An inspiring Project led by Vice Curator, Courage Christson Tetteh, is to create an Ecosystem bringing together young exceptional leaders between the ages of 20 to 29 comprising of highly divergent skills and talents and to provide a common platform to collectively contribute to building Ho and its environs.

The objective is to provide opportunity for mentoring, training and honing of skills, exchange of ideas, funding for great initiatives , creation of an economy of sharing and ultimately enrolling as Global Shapers in Ho Hub.


Individuals we are looking for must be;

1. Open-minded, extraordinary individuals with great potential for leadership roles in society, and verifiable achievements.

2. Between 20 to 29 years old at the time of nomination.
3. From all walks of life and share a spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.
4. Highly committed, with passion and dynamism, to developing their leadership potential towards serving society and building a more sustainable, peaceful and inclusive world.
5. Adhere to the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity.
6. Possess unique qualities that distinctly set them apart from the mainstream.
7. Entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial track record, having already initiated and delivered a major project or founded a company or organisation or having been in an influential position as part of a larger organisation, exceptionally contributing to serving society at large.
8. Must currently be residing in Ho, Ghana.


A Google form has been designed to support this initiative: Sign up here https://goo.gl/LMF9ye


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