How Often Do You Say Thanks?

Raleigh  North Carolina
United States

On September 17th, 2016 the Raleigh Shapers made it our mission to share our gratitude with our community members. We were drawn to perform small acts of kindness during our city's largest creative festival, SparkCon, and to thank people in the community for the contributions they make through the arts, education,  the sciences, business, and so much more! We were honored to have the opportunity to hand out small golden acorns, a symbol of our city, and messages that conveyed our sense of thankfulness to them. 


In total, we handed out over 100 golden acorns and learned more about people from all walks of life! It was an empowering and encouraging experience to spread joy to our community through a simple act of kindness. 


During the process, we met middle school girls who are leading their own companies already, real life super heroes, and men and women leaders who are already activating good in the community through volunteer based work or through delving into the emotional journey of immigrants. It was inspiring to hear their stories, explore people's passions alongside them, and to really see people's faces light up with joy from our small gesture. It was a great reminder that we need to connect more on a human to human level and never forget to say thank you or share that little spark of kindness. It goes a long way. 


We are grateful for our community. Thank you, Raleigh!


Watch our video here


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