"How Global Shapers Ho Hub is mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution."


Our modern day lives have been woven around Technology that completely affects everything we do. Sometimes we are not aware of the extent to which our lives depend on the technology around us until such moments like disasters strike. From the alarm clocks that wake us up to the last security door we activate to open or lock, all these represents elements of “Technology things”.


While Teenagers are experts at consuming Technology, very few actually participate in Technology creation. With developed Countries now considering STEM a vital part of core education, what are the best practices to use with teenagers in our classrooms or on DIY (Do It Yourself) projects? How do we use technology in the kitchen, farm, school, office, or even at playgrounds? How do we transform a normal classroom into a tech class that inspires teens to see technology as the answer to many of their real life concerns? What goes into creating these technologies and how do they affect our lives positively?


On 8th July, 2017 at GCOM Pre-University College, Ho, the Global Shapers Ho Hub in partnership with Brich Ghana Ltd, an IT Company specializing in the manufacturing of IT kiddie products, will use the "Internet of Things" to transform the way students learn about our World and how technology affects our daily lives. Students will have the opportunity to learn about technology in a social, collaborative environment rather than the use of isolated learning methods.


The "Internet of Ho Things Project" led by Ho Hub Shapers, Collins Afeti Gadawusu & Gameli Adzaho, will identify brilliant students who show avid interests in “IOT” engineering and provide mentoring opportunities to develop their innate talents and skills. Global Shapers Ho Hub estimates to reach and impact IOT knowledge to 30 Junior High School Students from 4 selected Schools in the Ho Municipal District.


Activities of the "Internet of Ho Things Project" would be interspersed with fun and hands-on learning and practical activities to enable participants gain practical experience in “Internet of Things” through the following diverse areas:


- Lessons on transistor

- Basic computer programming

- Introduction to Robotics (What is robotics?)

- Introduction to Arduino (What is Arduino?)

- Controlling LED light works using Arduino and smartphone

- Controlling fan and lightings using voice command through smartphone

- Displaying information on LCD display


These activities and lessons will be related to their school curriculum in order for the Students to pictorially understand and apply "IOT" knowledge to the topics studied in school.


The "Internet of Ho Things Project" is a build-up Project from "Woekpor", our Digital Literacy Project, and is inspired by the Advancement of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, World Economic Forum's initiative for Shaping the future of Education, Gender and Work and the Global Shapers Ho Hub’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 on Quality Education.



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