Let's set the scene: It’s about to rain and the cloud cover makes it seem like it’s already 4:30 pm. The place you are living in has horrific sanitary conditions (for a number of reasons), and you haven’t been able to sit in a chair for weeks, months, maybe even years. Food doesn’t add any bit of joy like it used to, because every meal is the same bland menu. It forces you to see dinner as something to get through so that you can live until tomorrow. Not only that, but it’s also Valentines day and no one is coming to see you. You're in a high security prison outside of the city limits with no chance of any love.

On Valentines weekend – a large truck full of food, roses and gifts, followed by 3 cars packed with drinks made it’s way to Chikirubi Female prison to make Valentine’s day special for every lady in the cells. All the shapers were wearing bright blue with the strong Global Shaper’s logo beaming rays of through a day that could have been pretty miserable.

274 Female prisoners tilted their heads and smiles broke out behind the fences. Then the smiles turned to laughter and the laughter turned into dancing. The Global Shapers brought a Valentines party to the gloomy prison and it was amped up!

After dancing, singing and giving words of hope we gave out $1.5K worth of gifts, soaps, food, drinks and sat and dined with the ladies. The whole theme was “On Valentines we wanted you to know that your special enough for us to come out and have lunch with you, lavish you with gifts and make sure that you all get one bright red rose.

That’s exactly what happened! 10 Shapers, 274 prisoners. A Day that will live on forever in the hearts of people who are down and out. This is the second time as part of the “Make Love Movement” (love doesn't just happen - it's made), that the Harare Shapers makes valentines day an event in prison. Many old inmates remembered from last year as they shouted out "I AM SPECIAL!" the theme for the event. The new ones were overwhelmed by the pleasant surprise. An outburst of Love goes a long way. A big thank you to Andrew Makonese for being the project leader!

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