Jhb Hub hosts The Money and Investment Series

South Africa



On the 8th of November 2016, the Johannesburg Hub hosted the inaugural seminar of “The Money and Investment Series” – a series of seminars and workshops aimed at improving young South African’s understanding and fluency with money, budgeting, investments and wealth. The session hosted at OPEN in Maboneng was facilitated by experienced Financial advisor and Wealth planner Landiwe Ntlokwana who delivered and insightful and energizing presentation about an often difficult to talk about subject matter. Attendees to the event included other local Hub members from the Soweto and Tshwane Hubs as well as members of the public interested in taking a step to preserving their wealth.


The presentation began by covering individual visions and expectations regarding money and one’s future. It then moved on to the dangers of debt and credit-based spending to purchase non-essential goods as well as different investment vehicles to increase and grow wealth. Thereafter the conversation opened to the audience and turned into a meaningful and candid discussion about personal poor spending habits and financial mistakes made in the past by members of the audience. While not everyone in the room spoke, there was an air of shared understanding and empathy between all in the room. It was empowering to see other audience members offering advice to each other to specific situations during the question and answer session while facilitator Landiwe strategically offered her expert opinion.


Upon leaving the closing of the presentation, the continued conversations that went on as guests left the room signified the initiation of a very important conversation that needs to happen with young people in our day and age.  Members of the Johannesburg Hub felt a sense of pride as well an additional sense of duty to continue hosting these kinds of sessions to expand people’s (including our own) knowledge. Furthermore, based on this pilot the Johannesburg Hub also aims to expand the audience to a greater socioeconomic and age range while hosting another session diving deeper into personal wealth and budgeting.


Gratitude goes to our well-poised and empathetic facilitator Landiwe for leading such an impactful session. We hope that all our attendees keep the lessons learned close with them as we go into the festive season.

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