Juegos que Iluminan


Juegos Que Iluminan (JQI) is Montevideo’s hub first project. It is focused on innovation for environmental education and promotion of citizen participation, using sports for development and creativity as main tools.
After a research and design thinking workshops, Global Shapers Montevideo detected in Uruguayan society a lack of environmental awareness and sense of belonging with its surrounding environment. It is a characteristic of Uruguayans not to appreciate the power and energy that each individual possess to make a difference and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

JQI is, at this early stage, an awareness environmental project aimed to pre-teens. It is a prototype project to change this reality.
The implementation of the project consists of a recreational activity using a soccer ball as visual element, the Soccket Ball made by Uncharted Play. Football is an identity of Uruguayan culture and a tool used to integrate as many individuals as possible in our target public. The most important characteristic of this soccer ball is that it presents an innovative feature: it is able to transform the energy of motion into light.

JQI first pilot was implemented on April 26, 2014, in Providencia Education Center in Montevideo.
With the participation of 11 shapers, 1 curator and 8 volunteers, we reached 50 children. The first stage of the project aims to develop individual awareness on saving energy and renewable energies, by promoting the use of play, creativity and innovation in technologies to find alternatives to our current energy consumption. We underline the role each person plays in looking after the environment by showing the children how each of them can generate energy.

Pivot for gaining more experience with this pilot program, as well as sufficient tools, we aim to find a methodology for replicate and scale the project across the country, but also regionally and globally.

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