12.01.16 to 29.01.16
BHOPAL  Madhya Pradesh  462024




“With regards to the Make a Wish Come True Campaign launched on Jan 12th, 2016, our team at Global Shapers Bhopal Hub made sincere efforts to get more than a hundred wishes fulfilled in just two weeks. Surprisingly this campaign went on to a national level and we were receiving the gift items through various online stores from different cities every single day. This is an overjoyed moment for us.” -Bhopal Shapers


Bhopal Hub under Global Shapers Community launched their first project entitled "MAKE A WISH COME TRUE" on Jan 12th, 2016. By Jan 28th, all the wishes got fulfilled. To celebrate the grand success of the campaign, a gift distribution ceremony was organized by the Global Shapers Community, Bhopal on January 29th, Friday at Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhopal where the wish granters presented various gift items to all the children. The contributors and children also shared their feelings regarding the initiative.


The aim of the project was to fulfill the simplest wishes of the underprivileged children which are normally ignored by their own families due to financial or societal constraints. The first event took place with 130 children of Parvarish- The Museum School, Bhopal founded by Mrs. Shibani Ghosh. All the children were given a chance to write down their tiny wishes on sheets of paper. The most surprising wishes were things like learning dance and acting skills and perform on a big stage, get admitted to a reputed school, own a camera to capture all the life memories, anklets (ghungroo) for classical dancing, a bicycle to go to school. A few others included books, shoes, bags, wrist watch, sports gears, clothes, Barbie dolls and cars. The kids had a great time expressing themselves.


The team published these wishes on social media and even shared them on various WhatsApp groups and personal contacts on a regular basis and managed to get around 10-15 wish granters across India. In a span of just 15 days, the hub was able to get all the 130 wishes fulfilled. The internet has played a major role in the speedy success of this campaign.


This campaign would not have been possible without the wonderful contribution of the people who made these wishes come true. Majority of the wish granters belonged to cities including Sydney, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jabalpur while a few were from Bhopal. 


After a remarkable community response for this project, the Global Shapers Community at Bhopal now plans to extend this project to a few other NGOs that work for children and old aged persons.