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Agbesi, Edem, Dziedzorm, Dzordzoe & Dzorgbenyui, five brilliant Primary Six boys at the Kpogadzi Salvation Army Primary School never wondered why the water drank at school was so dirty. Why because, this was what they had been drinking since they were born.


Their friends in other classes skipped school frequently because they were getting sicker each day and all Mr. Zokli, the Head-teacher, had prescribed for that kind of sickness was magnesium trisilicate tablets. No one knew why Edudzi & Edotom died. The reason simply was the School’s drinking water was dirty and unclean and no one knew what to do because there was no solution.

But hope was on its way as the Global Shapers Ho Hub decided to salvage this unfortunate situation.


The Ho Hub is one of the newly created Hubs of the Global Shapers Council of the World Economic Forum. The Global Shapers Ho Hub is a unique group of highly motivated young people in Ho ready & committed to touching lives & impacting positively through projects & initiatives.


As its maiden initiative, the Global Shapers Ho hub commenced a water treatment project at Kpogadzi Salvation Army Primary School, a Rural Community-based School located 5km from the Ho Township in Adaklu Anyingbe, Volta Region, Ghana.


The only pond that serves the Adaklu Anyingbe Community lies in the densely populated forest at the outskirts of the Community. Pupils of the school have to trek all the way to this pond for drinking water everyday whilst having to compete with residents of the community and animals who end up contaminating the water with their excreta. The life of the community revolves around this pond since it serves as the only source of water supply for washing, bathing and for drinking. When there’s not enough water, and it’s not clean, it’s hard to move on with any other aspect of life. Life revolves around finding good clean water.


For Etornam, a pupil of Kpogadzi Salvation Army Primary School, the stagnant pond which is at the verge of drying up is also where mosquitoes multiply and spread the malaria that she contracts over and over again. Skin infections, cholera & several water-borne diseases are rampant amongst the school children. The Community has suffered and endured the bad effects of not having access to good drinking water for several years.


On 20th February, 2015, the Global Shapers Ho Hub visited the Kpogadzi Salvation Army Primary School and donated a portable water purifier machine to the school children in the Adaklu Anyingbe community. This machine filters and purifies the contaminated water, purging it of all unwanted bacteria and viruses which causes many epidemic diseases and is unsafe for drinking.

The water treatment project will provide good treated water to address the contaminated water problem in the Adaklu Anyingbe Community and to improve the good health needs of the pupils of the Kpogadzi Salvation Army Primary School.


With so much excitement and joy written all over the faces of the children, the members of the Ho Hub watched as the children struggled amongst themselves to have a taste of the first drops of water from the water purifier.


The Founding Curator of the Ho Hub, Mr. Tsonam Cleanse Akpeloo, in his address appealed to the Ghana Water Company to extend pipe borne water to the Adaklu Anyingbe Community to alleviate the water challenges the Community faces.

In receiving the Water purifier machine, the Head-teacher of the School, Mr. Zokli, promised to take good care of the machine. He thanked the Global Shapers Ho Hub for the impressive initiative and further added that the machine would deliver clean and safe water to over six hundred school pupils & the staff of the School.


No matter how far the journey to Kpogadzi Salvation Army Primary School was, the Global Shapers Ho Hub was determined to put a smile on the faces of the pupils of the School.


It took the heart of soldiers to make this possible. The Global Shapers Ho Hub stood in the front line and proved to the World that no matter the impossibilities, we will lead the way, be a voice for the voiceless and the beacon of hope for our lost generation.





















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