Ramadan Relief Box علبة خير الرمضانية

05.06.16 to 05.07.16

The Global Shapers Community in the Arab countries is making a unified camping for the poor people to help fasting 1000 Muslim in each city. One of the most in need cities for such project is Aden specially after the very difficult situation that the people is facing after the last war  , so Aden hub is participating in this project and will take the responsibility of preparing and distributing 1000 box containing food materials for fasting by the donations for this project .



- Distributing 1000 box containing food during Ramadan

-One month project





Start and End Dates

Phase one       

Receiving donations

       3-20 June 2016

Phase two

Preparing the boxes

       Day by day during Ramadan

Phase Three

Distributing the boxes

        Day by day during Ramadan


Project Budget

The estimated rate of each box is 13.5 $

For Donations Please Click Link Below:-



Monitoring and Evaluation


The campaign results, repots and evaluation will be shared in the global website of the organization along with the media reports for the campaign,

There will be 5 supervisors from the Global Shapers Aden team, one in each area and the volunteers will help in the distribution process.


Contact Information for Donations:

Bank Aletihad – Amman – Jordan

Account Number: 0182308819220101

For any further informations please contact:

Heba Faheem Haidar: +967739069058

Elyas Shamsher Khan: +33754168779




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