Shape Sustainability

The Global Shapers Community is proud to launch SHAPE Sustainability, a global campaign to mainstream sustainability in communities across the world. In 2014, 18 Global Shapers were invited by Amina J Mohamed, UN Special Advisor on post 2015 MDGs, for a one day workshop on ‘Innovating and Mainstreaming Sustainability with the leadership team of the UN at the UN headquarters. After the workshop, the community organized consultations across the community and started this campaign with a session on Bringing Sustainability to the masses at Davos along with 5 Hubs that did local activities to bring local stakeholders into the discussion. Now, we are moving one level further to mainstream sustainability through local action.   The Oslo hub is very supportive of this global campaign, and runned by one of its shapers Fatima Elkadi. She is one of the 18 shapers who were invited to the UN headquarters, and is manager of communications for the global campaign. The initiative is well supported by The Crown Prince, Crown Princess and the minister of foreign affairs of Norway. So far the campaign has had 11 million social media impressions, and 3,25 million social media reach.   Photo campaignAs part of the global campaign, people are challenged to take action and stand behind one of the 17 SDGs. We want people to take a stand and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. Local communities and international leaders are invited to take action and lead the way. Want to know more about the campaign and how to contribute: http://shapesustainability.com/ .  Sustainability Sunday“Sustainability Sunday is a series of local conversations and activities that are organized by Hubs along with local stakeholders to promote sustainable development and take sustainability to the masses. This is an initiative of the Global Shapers Community to advance the work on the development goals along with UN post-2015 MDG. So far, 28 sustainable sundays have been organized throughout the world.  Read more: http://shapesustainability.com/sustainabilitysunday/ . Follow us on Facebook and Twitter    

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