Shaping Davos 2015



  The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum is the most important global gathering of world leaders and public figures. For the first time ever, the world is being brought to Davos to participate in the Annual Meeting. The Amman Hub along with Frankfurt, Erbil, and Toronto brought the world to Davos via a live 75 minute session under the theme “Religion: a pretext for conflict?” The world is seeing rising conflict and intolerance between religious groups across all regions. While religious texts preach tolerance, acceptance, and justice, extremist groups are spreading fear, hatred and violence. Is religious intolerance actually religious? Questions to be answered:

– How can we shift from intolerance to tolerance?
– Why is religious intolerance on the rise? What does it mean?
– How can we rid ourselves of intolerance?


  Prior to this live event, the Amman Hub conducted an interactive session with local panelists and an audience in Jordan. We identified the underlying factors contributing to the rise of extremist ideologies by relating the rise to a broader search for identity within the historical, cultural, and geopolitical context of the MENA region. Under the topic, “Examining Identity: Between Culture and Religion”.

Local Panelists: Dr Omar Razzaz, Mr Sameer Petro, Mr Saed Karajah, and Mr Ahmad Zubi. Session moderated by Mr Amir Shihadeh.

Our conclusion were compiled and then shared with the world via a live 75 minute session in Davos. Our thoughts and conclusions were represented and delivered to Davos by Dr. Omar Razzaz, where he engaged with other Panelists in Davos, including:

* Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
* Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Zaytuna College
* Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town
* David Rosen, American Jewish Committee


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