Skills Development Workshop Series

Human Capital Development is one of the key strategies for achieving sustainable economic prosperity. Developing human capital requires regular upskilling – teaching and learning activities that must continuously be carried out in order to improve one’s stock of knowledge and ability to perform particular tasks. While computer-aided tasks is ubiquitous in workplaces the competencies of most individuals on the use of the computer is still very low. Majority of Microsoft Office suite users are not competent users of Microsoft Excel. For instance, four (4) out of every five (5) young graduates in Calabar are not skilled in the use of Microsoft Excel. Evaluation of computer training centers’ curriculums on MS Excel revealed superficial contents and trainings as the major determinants of poor competencies on the use of MS Excel. The Calabar Global Shapers Community therefore seeks to address this problem through Skills Development Workshop. The contents and schedule for the training are contained on the flier.