A Whistle Song, an Album, and a Bold Video To Raise Money for Orphans

Gun Hill

New Album Launch 'Take Me Home' To Raise Money for Orphans

Call it a collaborative catchy musical masterpiece. All out of Africa and all for a good cause. It's called 'Take Me Home' and it's a 4-song album dedicated to raising funds for our new orphanage homes. There are over 1 million orphans in Zimbabwe (nearly 9% of the population), it's important that we all do our part, support existing on-the-ground projects, and bring more awareness to the fact that more needs to be done.

"The video's primary purpose is to paint a picture of what home looks like," said Tommy Deuschle, Global Shaper and coordinator of the Take Me Home initiative. "It's genuine relationships, it's one person laying their life down for someone else, it's the laughter that your share with a friend when things aren't going too well. It's a feeling of belonging." Igor, The singer from the beach (Mozambique), also jumps in, "There's no way we can help everyone at one time. There are over 1 million orphans just in Zimbabwe, but what we can do is help the existing projects, and bring more awareness to the fact that more needs to be done." 

Project Relocation is a scalable housing development for our Zimbabwean orphan community, and that's where all the proceeds from this album is going. It's a much-needed and necessary solution to a dire problem in this area of the world. The project was kicked-off by Pastor Tom Deuschle of Celebration Church as he launched it in a big way—by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on his 60th birthday. Global Shapers Harare, then rallied behind the cause and began to work on this. We pulled 3 different artists from two countries for one cause. Project Relocation has already raised $250k in total thus far, and the land is already set aside and we'll break ground this year.

So - here's how to get involved. The Take Me home album is now live on iTunes for $3.96. 100% of the revenue on that will go directly to Project Relocation

A short description of the album: Take Me Home is the sound of a resonating hope in four tracks. This collaboration album adds a little Zimbabwean whistle, Mozambican calypso, and some full-bodied choir to ensure each song flows with catchy, deep felt, melodic lyrics and instrumental catch phrases that keeps you listening—and then repeating. Celebrate Young's alternative pulse, strong themes and catchy chorus' teams-up with Tembalami's bold and daring pipes which are complimented by Celebration Choir’s gospel edge. Pleasant Places (the whistle song) shouts with the joyous and unmistakable Jon Deuschle hook and poetic element that makes every day feel like New Year's Day.

Will you download the album and help us spread the word about this? Here's how you can be apart and every bit of participation counts:

  1. WATCH, SHARE & LIKE the video on YouTube > the more views we get the better it is for Project: Relocation. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtFOMEYWZzo
  2. DOWNLOAD the full album on iTunes for under $4.00 here: https://itunes.apple.com/en/album/id1067977097 Rate & review it, because proceeds go towards Project: Relocation.
  3. SHARE THE VIDEO LINK on your Facebook or Twitter with the status: “I just downloaded new music and helped orphans at the same time…” And follow Celebrate Young’s FB page to stay in the loop.
  4. VISIT THE PROJECT RELOCATION WEBSITE (celebrate.org/relocation) and learn more about what you’re now a part of.

Overview of Project Relocation: A new cluster development that will house 60 orphans in home-style settings (in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe) with professionally educated caretakers stepping-in as surrogate parents. This will act as a model that will be refined and replicated. The children will be enrolled into an internationally accredited educational program through Celebration School and will also be given mentorship, internship and apprenticeship opportunities with partnering organizations like CMediaAfrica and Higher Life Foundation.


Thanks for your help spreading the word.