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Alan Akakpo

Managing Director
West Cape Ltd
About me:

After a brief career in policy advocacy, Alan co-founded West Cape Ltd where he serves as Managing Director. West Cape Ltd is a business technology company that empowers businesses with tech-driven solutions, including in Ho. West Cape is also developing private sector advocacy and business networking tools for a better Tech environment on the African continent. These tools include the Africa Tech Policy and the Business Strategy & Innovation Conference.

As a social change maker and youth activist, Alan is the Curator of the Ho Hub. The Hub is a winner of the Coca Cola, shaping a better future grant with the Water and Sanitation Project which is accelerating access to clean, safe and sustainable water in Ho.

Alan also serves as Projects Director at the Junior Chamber International Ghana (JCI Ghana) where he is uniting all sectors of society to promote Tech Champions in Ghana. He has led the Junior Chamber International Accra Royale (JCI Accra Royale) in 2015. Under his leadership, the organization successfully conducted several community projects and received many awards including the JCI most outstanding local empowerment project for Africa and the Middle East and the best United Nations MDG project Ghana.

Entrepreneurship | Social Enterprise | Politics and Public Policy | Finance and Economy | Sustainability and Environment