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Andrea Carafa

Founder & CEO
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Andrea Carafa is the founder of ArtsUp, an impact startup at the intersection of the sharing economy and the arts. He has joined Smartup at the University of Milan Bicocca, and has been a resident entrepreneur and fellow at Stanford University.

Andrea was named a World Economic Forum's Global Shaper. In 2016 he chaired a debate on "the future of impact entrepreneurship" at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by President Obama.

Previously he was a EU Marie Curie fellow in technology for social and economic impact, worked at Grenoble-em and the European Commission, and was a visiting fellow at CERN, GSI and Bocconi University. His work was funded by the European Commission, CERN, GSI and European Science Foundation, and inspired the creation of a new CERN data analytics platform named CollSpotting.

Andrea represented AEGEE-Europe at the United Nations and founded Green Young Economy. He initiated multi-stakeholder activities within the UN Rio+20 process and summit, among others. He inspired a globally distributed first secretariat for Future Earth, a 10-year global initiative launched at Rio+20, the largest global summit in the UN history.

Trained across disciplines in several countries, he speaks 6 languages. Andrea has been a public speaker, contributor and moderator at several international organizations (e.g. UN, World Economic Forum, European Commission) and conferences focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact.

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