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Denis Kolga

Founder / Chairman
NGO «Youth Initiative»
About me:

Denis Kolga is a founder of the Minsk Hub of the Global Shapers Community (https://www.globalshapers.org/hubs/minsk). He graduated from the Department of International Affairs of the Belarusian State University. Denis is a Chairman of the youth NGO Youth Initiative, which is National Youth Council member. Fields of Expertise: Military Affairs, Political Affairs, International Relations, EU-Belarus Relations, Youth Affairs, Non-Formal Education. Hobby: History and Collectables, Internet Browsing and Blogging, Cinema.

We, the Minsk Hub of the Global Shapers Community, believe that Belarus has great potential in even larger contribution to the regional peace and security. Our idea is to create in Belarus a long-lasting international platform under the aegis of the Global Shapers Community / WEF, which would deal with resolution of conflicts which affect post-Soviet countries.

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