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Isaac Castro García

CEO & Co-founder
About me:

MSc in Telecommunications Engineering; Graduate Studies Program on Exponential Technologies, Singularity University, NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Emerge, a company that develops a new form of communication by digitizing our sense of touch. Working to foster a sense of connectedness when it is impossible to physically be present in today's globalized, over-connected world, and striving to address human disconnection and its consequences in mental health and our ageing population. Moonshot: develop wireless brain-to-brain communication that connects individuals through all of the senses. 2015, selected to join the first MIT Innovators Under 35 Summit at European Parliament. Invited to be part of the inaugural community of Solve at MIT, whose mission is to inspire extraordinary people to work together to solve the world's toughest problems. Recipient: Innovator Under 35, MIT's Technology Review magazine, for the invention of medical equipment for more effective cancer treatment (2013). Interest: creating new technologies to positively impact people's lives.

Business and Innovation | Science and Technology | Health and Medicine