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Isabelle Kristine Ringnes

Global Impact Challenge Norway
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Isabelle Ringnes (28) strongest passion is technology. Her love of technology is rooted in its vast opportunities and unique ability to empower each and every connected human-being to make a positive difference in the world. \Isabelle is is the co-founder of TENK, the Technology Network for Women, (www.tenk-norge.com). TENK's mission is to encourage women all of all ages to become passionate about technology. She is a distinct voice and public speaker at various conferences about the future of technology and why women are essential to its development. \She's also been a key player in the establishment of Girls Who Code (Jenter Koder) in Norway on a long-term mission to encourage young girls to become interested in Technology. \She's an activist for gender equality and female-leadership, and digital director for #ItsHerTreat, an organization focused on gender equality. Isabelle is an alumni from Singularity University in NASA Research Center in Silicon Valley.