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Jacob Kwasi Amengor

Assistant Water Quality Officer
Ghana Water Company Limited
About me:

I am Jacob Amengor, a Water and Sanitation Expert, serving as Water Quality \Analyst at the Ghana Water Company Limited, the sole urban water utility in \Ghana. My work requires me to perform standard physical, chemical and \biological tests within the water production chain, and ensure proper sampling \techniques, analysis and interpretation of standard laboratory test results, in \order to ensure the water produced meets the World Health Organization \standards. Aside my profession, I formed a non-profit, youth-led organization \that carries out a water and sanitation advocacy program (Water Satellite \Program), sexual reproductive health education program (Sexuality Clinic) \and basic education support program (One Exercise Book Project). Through \these programs, which happens to be my passion, I am able to contribute to the \growth of my society. Recently I was honored to become an Associate Fellow \of The Royal Commonwealth Society.