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Kaushal Silwal

Hotel Pokhara Grande
Chief Operating Officer
About me:

Life in Nepal has always been about rising up to various challenges. When I was very young, I struggled with my health. Later, my school years were heavily invested in academics. Unfortunately, my final years in High School were marred by a turbulent time in Nepal’s history because of a decade long civil war. After the civil war ended, my experiences abroad in the USA and Spain has shaped me immensely.

Living and working in diverse conditions has strengthened me and adaptability has been my greatest trait. The juxtaposition of Nepal – one of the poorest countries in the world - to the US and Spain, which was culturally poles apart, have given me valuable knowledge and insight. I have only become stronger since then. Professionally, I have traversed between engineering, clinical technology and hospitality, all of which I was equally invested in, and I believe that I have been able to transition successfully. In a globalizing world, adaptability and flexibility are crucial. The speed by which aspects such as technology, geo-politics are transforming the world economy requires people to adjust accordingly. This is a quality I have strengthened because of my experiences – socially and professionally. I believe that even when thrust in unfamiliar situations, I am able to rely on the skills I already possess and am able to carry out responsibilities effectively. The skill to adapt has defined me so far and as an aspiring leader, it will continue to define me for years to come.

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