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Lama Zawawi

Sr. Operations Officer
About me:

Lama began working with INJAZ Al-Arab as the Executive Assistant to the regional director in 2011 with hopes of fulfilling her personal mantra, ?We must be the change we wish to see in the world.? After years of dedication and innovation with INJAZ, Lama was promoted to the position of Senior Operations Officer, her current position title. Under her current title, Lama?s position places her as a liaison between INJAZ Al-Arab, the regional operating center, and the various member nations. Through her role with INJAZ, Lama is confident she is making an impact on not only the immediate community around her, but on also the MENA region as a whole. Lama considers herself to be an actively engaged citizen, regularly dedicating her time to serving the less fortunate and underprivileged. Lama strives to use her passion and energy towards social and education development programs internationally, with hopes of bettering the lives of future generations and fellow human beings. She holds a Bachelor?s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Jordan.