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Marcel at 25, is the founder and CEO of UMUSEKE IT LTD; an IT Media social enterprise in Rwanda.

A survivor of the genocide of 1994 and an orphan since then, Marcel grew up believing that he could make difference in Rwanda.

At 22, He started UMUSEKE digital media with the purpose of promoting peace, reconciliation and youth empowerment after the genocide. The media in 1994 was one of the key drivers of the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda through young people, and Marcel has decided to use the same tools (Media and Youth) for healing wounds, reconciliation and empowering the community.

After only three years, UMUSEKE has already the second most popular, influential and successful Digital Media house in Rwanda ( competing against 20 other media houses including state owned ones. It has created jobs for more than 20 people and continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Recently, Marcel qualified for the highly selective and competitive Washington Fellowship for young African leaders (YALI); he is one of the 500 chosen from 50,000 applications received from all across the African continent and later met US President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama in the summer 2014.

Marcel studied at Yale University, with a focus on broadening skills in Business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Marcel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, CCNA, RedHat, A+, N+, Vertualization and Security + certificates.