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Niel Wyma

Senior Manager: Investment
Awethu Project Capital
About me:

I was born in 1989 in South Africa, where I obtained a B.Com Honours degree with distinction while I led a non-profit organisation capital raising efforts. Through exposure to Southern Africa?s socio-economics, I developed a deep commitment to the region?s development. \\I started my professional career in socially-focussed financial services firm in South Africa. In one of my first assignments, I helped to raise US$6M of venture capital for a sub-acute hospital group, aiming to reduce the cost of hospitalisation by over 60%.\\In 2015, I joined The Awethu Project, a globally recognised start-up that specialises in SME Incubation and Investment. I am the lead transactor for corporate-led impact funds, combining private equity, supplier development and ?entrepreneurship-via-acquisition? models. This fund enables exceptional individuals, structurally excluded from entrepreneurial opportunities, to become Africa?s high-performing entrepreneurs.